infrastructure of
new generation.

Start using DigiRoad’s software and easy-to-use APIs to transform your infrastructure to the next level in minutes.

eCampus The world’s most
powerful and easy-
to-use APIs
Have the most advanced identification process for both staff
and students to access their services whether online or within
campus with our APIs
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Unified Platform A fully integrated suite
of identification
We bring together everything that’s required to digitize organization’s infrastructure to verify and identify their users in-person and online. DigiRoad’s products powers the work from home approach of the 21st century enabling employees or users to identify themselves wherever they are with just an internet connection.
Why DigiRoad The world’s most powerful and
easy-to-use APIs

Easy Setup

With direct integrations get your business/organization to issue virtual ID Cards in minutes


Fastest Improving Platform

We release hundreds of features and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.


Intelligent optimization

The platform will be built with your business needs in mind with complete product automation from start to release of virtual ID Card.

DigiRoad About Us

Vision:  Connecting the world one step at a time

Digiroad ,inc. is the first company that aims to transform how people identify and verify themselves digitally and in person. We aim to help organizations and governments to take their infrastructure to the next level. We are currently developing a next generation infrastructure for global communication and data exchange. With DigiRoad, we are giving companies and organizations to adopt their customized identification method with all the resources at hand while continue doing what they do best. Learn More 

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about DigiRoad.

DigiRoad uses the most advanced end-to-end encryption to protect the data and information of its users.

Yes, DigiRoad complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The company adheres to the principles and regulations outlined in GDPR, ensuring the protection and privacy of user data. This commitment involves implementing appropriate measures for data security, transparency, and user consent, aligning with the legal requirements set forth by GDPR.

You can install the app directly from either App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android

Yes, the virtual card is secure. It employs robust security measures to protect user information and transactions, ensuring a high level of safety for users.

The device should run an operating system that supports NFC. For Android, NFC support is widespread, especially in recent versions of the Android operating system. For iOS, NFC support is available on iPhone models with iOS 11 and later.

Access to your information is limited to authorized individuals or entities as defined by the privacy policy of the service or organization. Typically, only designated personnel or systems with the necessary permissions and clearance have access to user data. It is recommended to review the privacy policy for specific details on information access and sharing practices.

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